Choosing a Sportsbook: What is Important to You?

When looking online for a sportsbook to place your next bet or open your new account, you will quickly realize that the online gambling market place is becoming crowded. Before getting lost in the maze of options available, it is a good idea to identify what is important to you in an online sportsbook.

This is a popular list of some things you might want to consider when making your decision:

Bonus Size

Some players elect to make their decision based almost solely on this factor. Players will often be willing to take on more risk or be willing to deal with poor quality websites in exchange for larger bonuses.

Along with the size of bonuses offered, you will want to have a good understanding of the sportsbook’s policy on rollovers. A large deposit bonus is really of no use if it is going to be nearly impossible to ever be able to withdrawal.

Deposit Methods Available

Some sportsbooks limit the transaction options you have available as a gamer. Are you comfortable with using wires and direct withdrawals, or would you prefer to strictly use eWallet? Will you have to change your habits to use the site you are looking at? Maybe the more important question is are you willing to change your habits? If not, best to stick with a book that fits your current deposit preferences.

Customer Service

Obviously, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of poor customer service, but just how important is customer service to you? Are you willing to settle for a lower quality of service if the sportsbook scratches all of your other itches?

If you prefer not just good service, but over-the-top great customer service, you might want to consider one of the invitation-only sportsbooks. The invitation-only model allows them to keep the number of account managers to players at a very favorable ratio. If you want to feel like something more than just a number or just another gamer, one of these sites would be ideal for you.

Transaction Fees

Are fees for making deposits and withdrawals a deal breaker for you? Are competitive fees tolerable to you as long as the sportsbook offers everything else you are looking for? Frequent deposits and withdrawals tagged with fees can add up. Are you a gamer that frequently makes transactions or do you tend to do fewer transactions but just in larger amounts? If you have found in the past that you do a lot of transactions, you will want to pay more attention to the fee structure of any site you are considering.


Is Online Gambling Legal?

For residents of the United States, and many other parts of the world, gambling online is a bit of a legal grey area. Technically, it is illegal in most of the U.S., but the conviction of individual players has proven extremely difficult because of the fact that they are gambling from home. It is illegal for a gambling website to operate within the United States, and to get around this offices and servers of most online gambling sites are located in one of the roughly 70 countries that do allow online gambling sites.

Now here is where things get a little stranger. When you register at a gambling website, you are required to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions will put the onus on you to find out whether or not gambling is allowed where you live. You are also required to abide by the age limits set on gambling in your area of residence. If online gambling is illegal in your area and authorities are able to identify that you won money, those winnings could be forfeit.

When you take into account issues of jurisdiction and sovereignty, gambling laws get even more difficult to unravel. In the United States, the Wire Wager Act states that it is illegal to use an electronic wire method to transmit bets to places where gambling is not allowed. In other words, a gambling site in Australia is breaking U.S. law if a player in the United States plays their games. However, the U.S. does not have legal authority to prosecute someone in another country. Players are almost never prosecuted, so what we have is an illegal activity that generally goes unpunished.

The one area where players are really at risk is if an online sportsbook or casino decided to cheat a player out of their winnings. If the player lives in an area where online gambling is no legal, that player would have no legal recourse against them to get their money. This is why it is important for online players to do their due diligence in researching the online sportsbook or casino they are going to play with.